For all participants that are competing in races, there are some important information that participants are responsible for reading before the race. Violation of rules may result in disqualification and, at worst, exclusion from race.


All dogs that will participate in races or undergo the PreRace check operated by RaceVets must have a valid kennel cough vaccine that contains components against both parainfluenza and Bordetella Bronchoseptica. This can either be done by vaccinating with Versican Plus Bb orally combined with an injection vaccine that contains components against parainfluenza or giving Nobivac BbPi in the nose that contains components against both Bordetella and parainfluenza.

For participants coming from countries where such vaccine is not marketed and this is documented by the pharmaceuticals or pharmacy in the country, it is permitted to use injectionvaccines containing components both against parainfluensa and Bordetella Bronchoseptica.

The validity of the vaccine is determined by the manufacturer’s approval of the product and, if appropriate, the drugstore in the country in which the vaccine is placed. This also applies to dogs that will participate in showcases. RaceVets recommends that vaccination of sled dogs are given during the summer when the dogs have none og less training than usual. This is because a better immune response can be expected in the quiet period.

Vaccinating regulations (PDF)
NHF´s Regulations for Vaccination of Dog (PDF)

Travel with dog

If you bring a dog from abroad to Norway, you must follow the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s rules for importing dogs to the country. More information about regulations can be found by clicking on the links below.

Norwegian Food Safety Authority (LINK)
Travel with dogs from EU countries to Norway (LINK)
Travel with dogs from third countries to Norway (LINK)
Third countries (LINK)

Please note, that you are allowed to import more than 5 animals when attending a competition. Read the information in the link above, regarding where you come from.

Pre race vet check (PRC)

All participants are responsible for ensuring that all dogs participating in the race are checked (PRC) by a veterinarian before registration. The check can be completed during the last two calendar weeks before the start of the race.

At Finnmarksløpet it is desirable that participants take PRC in Alta. For rookies that are racing the Finnmarksløpet for the first time, the PRC MUST be taken by the racevets in Finnmark. Participants are responsible for contacting Finnmarksløpet in good time before the start of the race to set the time for PRC. More necessary information and downloadable files can be found by clicking the buttons below.

PRC Musher info (PDF)
PRC Vet info (PDF)
BCS overview (PDF)

The form below should be taken to the veterinarian who performs the PRC. It should be filled out and brought to the race as a documentation of the completed check.

PRC form (PDF)


All participants participating in races are subject to the anti-doping rules from the Norwegian Dog Drivers Association. More information with links to regulations can be found by clicking on the buttons below.

Prohibited substances and methods (PDF)
Controlled substances and methods (PDF)
Information (PDF)
Vet Form 1 (PDF)
Vet Form 2 (PDF)
Guide (PDF)

Antacid treatment

Research over several years on gastric ulcers in racedogs has shown that over 50% of dogs develop different degrees of changes in the gastric membrane during prolonged strain. Therefore, the veterinary team have been recommending over the several last years to prevent this by giving gastric-suppressant medications before and during the races.

Antacid treatment (PDF)

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