About us

RaceVets is an organisation of interest for veterinarians participating in sled dog races. The organisation is made of veterinarians with several years of experience in sled dog races all over the northern hemisphere. The goal with RaceVets is to establish a permanent and competent group of trail veterinarians to cooperate with race organisers, mushers, researchers, officials and other veterinary sled dog organisations.

The goals of RaceVets;

  • To promote animal welfare within the sled dog sport and -races.
  • To promote the interests of trail veterinarians in sled dog races.
  • To act as a forum for contact and cooperation between trail veterinarians.
  • To promote cooperation between trail veterinarians, mushers and race organisers trough an active participation in forums where these meet.
  • Collect and disseminate knowledge and information to mushers trough relevant forums.
  • Disseminate relevant dog sport veterinary competence.
  • Promote a higher level of sports medicine competence within trail veterinarians.

Our main focus during a race will be to contribute maintaining good animal welfare, mainly through preventive health care and creating an arena for competence and dialogue between mushers and veterinarians, but also treating sports injuries and upcoming illnesses.

Advise from a Sleddog to the RaceVets;
Work as a team
Pull your weight
Love what you do
Be warm hearted
Keep moving forward
Howl with your friends
Mush on!

I’m interested.
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